Saturday, October 11, 2008

Diagnosed with Celiac's Disease

I know, I know, here I go again. I really don't have time to keep up my other stuff and now I am starting yet another blog! Well, I am finding out that there is a lot to living a gluten free life and I have been keeping a notebook with all my information, I might should keep a blog to keep it all together.

The diagnosis:EB,7, and my oldest was having stomach aches for 2 years. She was being treated for reflux. She was on 3 different medications bid and was still having stomach aches. Finally, this summer, her GI doc. did some blood work which showed a positive marker for Celiac's Disease. Then Aug. 1, 2008 she had an endoscopy and it confirmed the diagnosis. For the first couple weeks, I was torn what to do...just put her on the gluten free diet and all the rest of the family eat normally, or put the whole family on a gluten free diet. I tried for several weeks to keep it all separate but have found it to be much too challenging. You would have to have a separate toaster, strainer, peanut butter and butter tubs, I think you are getting the drift. A person with Celiac's cannot have anything with wheat to come in contact with something they may eat. This became too challenging to keep separate. Plus, in my reading and research, I found that eating a gluten free diet, you can help a lot of conditions. Chris, my husband has a very bad back and sees a chiropractor weekly. When he mentioned to her about EB, she said she eats a gluten free diet and it would truly help him as well. We have all been doing much better sticking to the gluten free diet. EB gets NOTHING with gluten in it. We are doing our best to eliminate it from our diets as well. EB is doing fantastic on it. She has always had "itchies" on her skin and it felt really rough. Well, now her "itchies" are gone and her skin is as smooth as her baby sister's. She will ask me when we are somewhere, please mommy, I don't care if my tummy hurts, I would like to have a brownie. I have told her we have worked too hard to get to this place and I think it would not be a good idea to go and mess it up. She understands. She has been such a good sport about it.

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Katie said...

awe...well give her a yummy gluten free brownie! Have you tried Namaste? Namaste brownies are delicious!